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Illinois asks for feedback on new virtual currency guidance – deadline fast approaching

Illinois’ Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) recently published proposed regulatory guidance on the application of Illinois’ Transmitters of Money Act to decentralized digital currencies. The guidance, which will explain how IDFPR will interpret and enforce the law, rather than being law in and of itself. This will be an […]

5th Anti-money Laundering Directive: 2nd Presidency Compromise Text published

The Council of the European Union has published the 2nd Presidency Compromise Text version of the 5th Anti-money Laundering Directive. The text has been marked up to show how the 1st Compromise Text has been change to create the 2nd. The differences include:

PRA consultation: Supervisory Statement on affirmative & silent cyber underwriting risk

The PRA has published a Consultation Paper, which proposes the adoption of a new Supervisory Statement on affirmative and silent cyber underwriting risk. The consultation closes on 14 February 2017. For these purposes, “cyber underwriting risk” means “the … prudential risks emanating from underwriting insurance contracts that are exposed to losses resulting […]

PSD2: The European Parliament as a friend of account information & payment initiation service providers

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has published a letter from the European Parliament’s PSD2 negotiating team. The team describes itself as “concerned” about the risk that the EBA’s draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on “strong customer authentication and … secure communications” will allow the banks to “exclude or limit direct access” by […]

5th Anti-money Laundering Directive: Presidency compromise text published / ECB recommendations accepted

The Council of the European Union has published the first “Presidency compromise text” version of (what is now being referred to as) the 5th Anti-money Laundering Directive (5AMLD) (it used to be “an amendment to 4AMLD” instead). The Presidency compromise text includes a series of amendments that seem to have been […]

Virtual currencies & the 4th Anti-money Laundering Directive: ECB Opinion on the Commission’s proposals

The European Commission published proposals to amend the 4th Anti-money Laundering Directive, to bring crypto-currency exchanges and wallet providers within scope, in early July 2016.  The European Banking Authority criticized those proposals in August, and the UK Treasury’s response of September suggests that it was also unimpressed. But the European […]

The FCA’s approach to cyber security in financial services firms

Nausicaa Delfas, the FCA’s Director of Specialist Supervision has delivered a speech at the FT’s Cyber Security Summit, about the FCA’s approach to cyber security in financial services firms. There are 3 short takeaways: