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#Brexit: Supreme Court decision

As anticipated, the Supreme Court has upheld the High Court’s judgment by ruling (albeit on an 8 to 3 majority) that an Act of Parliament before UK government ministers can lawfully trigger the Article 50 notice procedure for leaving the EU. The majority accepted the respondents’ view that, by virtue […]

Legislating for #Brexit: the EU’s external agreements

The House of Commons Library has published a new report: “Legislating for Brexit: EU external agreements“. The EU has entered into 890 bilateral and 259 multilateral international treaties and agreements. In most cases, the EU entered into these treaties, but the EU’s member states did not. However, there are 230 “mixed-agreements“, that were […]

#Brexit & Solvency II: Cooley publishes evidence submitted to Treasury Committee’s Solvency II inquiry

The UK’s Treasury Select Committee (TSC) opened a Solvency II Inquiry in September 2016. The Inquiry, which is part of the TSC’s broader work on the UK’s post-#Brexit relationship with the EU, is considering (eg) the merits of: “retaining the effect of Solvency II as at the date of Brexit, but not […]

#Brexit: some legal, constitutional & financial unknowns, according to the House of Commons Library

The House of Commons Library has published a short Briefing Paper: “Brexit Unknowns“. The paper includes a series of questions and answers. For example: Can an Article 50 notification be withdrawn?

#Brexit: “passporting”, “3rd-country equivalence”, and related issues

The UK’s Treasury Committee has published an FCA letter, and the European Parliament has published a briefing paper, about “passporting”, “third-country equivalence”, and a range of related issues.

#Brexit: the UK Supreme Court gives the government permission to appeal – next steps

The UK government has formally applied for permission to appeal the High Court’s decision of 3 November 2016, in R (on the application of Miller & Dos Santos) -v- the Secretary of State for Existing the European Union, and a panel of 3 Justices has granted that application. The appeal hearing […]